J A N E T   B E R R I E N
Cruiser on 20th StreetNo Left Turn
Telegraph and 54th StreetSentinal
Monterey Avenue, Berkeley29th Street2126 Linden StreetPickup on Linden StreetAshby AvenueActon StreetGreyson Street
East Bay Palms
When I first moved to California from the East Coast, I was enthralled with the light and the color and the PALM TREES! I drove around Berkeley and Oakland, scanning the skyline for palm trees which always seemed to me like upside down exclamation points. West Oakland, especially, was a treasure trove of old Victorians with their stately palms, but they were everywhere. The paintings derived from these photos capture the trees in their particular locale, framing an old Victorian or towering above a local street scene. To me, they bring exuberance and character to the urban landscape.