J A N E T   B E R R I E N
"Cosmetics Make Me Cry"
#targetedfortorture"Free range? Where?"
"Did you lay your quota?"
#stopfactoryfarming                 SOLD"I actually can tweet - bell your cat!"
#savethesongbirds"My whole life in a cage. Imagine it."
#compassionovercruelty"Have you ever wondered what happens to all the male baby chicks?"

"Just because you can't hear me scream doesn't mean it doesn't hurt."
#stopanimaltesting"Wild and free, let us be. It sounds romantic,  but the reality is much darker"
"I'm almost gone. It's a bloody shame"
#banpoaching"What's our future? Dog food?
#compassionovercruelty"Eat me?"

"I am not a product, rushed to market, 5 months old..."
#compassionovercruelty         SOLD      
Sandhill Crane 1
"Thanks to the farmers, thanks to the conservationists, thanks for the habitat."
SOLDSandhill Crane 2
"Thanks for the safe habitat"
  SOLD"Methane, Who Me?"
#fightglobalwarming"I  need my mommy!'
If Animals Could Tweet...
“If Animals Could Tweet...” is a series I began about the time our Tweeter-in-Chief was coming to political prominence. It occurred to me that although animals have many people who advocate for them, they cannot speak for themselves, certainly not in the political realm. Which led to the question, if animals had the same platform, could they be as effective at swaying public opinion on their own behalf? If animals could tweet, what would they say? It would probably be far more direct than what I’ve imagined!

With this series the personal and political have come together. As a vegan, the ethical treatment of animals is something I deeply support. My aim is to nudge people to see things from the animal’s point of view, for people to take off their blinders, to become conscious of the realities of the choices they make every day.